Saturday, December 22, 2012

Solstice: Creating Change

The solstice presents us with an opportunity for growth and change.  The shortest day of the year ( in the north) beckons us to draw inward and explore our values and purpose in life.  We are about to explode, naturally, toward the Spring which will ask us to begin to manifest what we have internally created during the more yin, winter months.

What does moving inward mean?  For me it is long quiet walks or hikes in the crisp air.  I am fortunate to live in Santa Fe, New Mexico where I can walk out in the cold night air and view the star show above me, the constellations bright in their orbits.  I inhale the light of the universe and accept my connection to all.

Inward for me means an excellent opportunity to meditate without the pull of a thousand things.  It is dark in the early morning, it gets dark early so my active hours are limited by the availability of sun.

What do I want to manifest in the coming year that I can work with right now?  For each of us it will be different.  Strengthening my macro practice, by working with new clients, teaching myself new recipes and exploring with a deeper understanding the universal truths that Macrobiotics offers.

This year I was fortunate to become certified as a Food For Life Instructor by Dr. Neal Barnard's Physician's Committe for Responsible Medicine.  While very closely aligned with macrobiotic principles, the FFL program has great appeal to professional organizations and their clients/workers/patients using well researched class materials.  I will be delving into all the great materials I was given so that I can take this to a wider audience in 2013.

I have also been preparing to accept the Precepts at the Upaya Zen Center in March.  I have been very busy over the last many months preparing and sewing the elements for this occasion.  I find the Zen practice to be in almost perfect alignment with my macrobiotic practice.  I feel the strands of my life being woven into a coherent pattern,

With gratitude and a deep bow,

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