Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Late summer wind down

Ah the late summer here in New Mexico.  The fruit is ripening on the trees and I have already canned some delicious apricots ( ok that was mid-summer).  End of summer is tricky.  The daytime weather is warm, but the evenings cool considerably.  We still feel like eating lightly cooked dishes, but as the evenings cool it is time to fuel the body with warmer dishes.  Since the fruit is ripening enjoy, but do not overindulge.  The sweetness can cause some buildup leading to the end of summer cold and respiratory problems.

The 5th season, which we are in now reflects sweetness and highlights the stomach and pancreas organs.  It is a short season and we will soon barrel into fall, which absolutely governs your intestines and your lungs.  The more gently we make this entry into the shorter days critically affects our strength.  What I mean by more gently is, enjoy the sweet flavors of fruit harvest, but notice that butternut and kabocha squash are making their way back to the stores.  Use sweet vegetables in lightly cooked stews now, in your nishime, in sweet vegetable jam, in teas.

Did you get that last breath of summer congestion.  Try the Black Soybean Tea.  It really works.  Twice a day!   I'll have it posted in the recipe section shortly. You will see your congestion break up and your lungs feel less stressed.

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