Wednesday, August 03, 2005

how do YOU do macrobiotics

Are we outside the mainstream of the world? Should we be outside the mainstream of the world. We all know that this practice takes time. It was developed in a time when 1 person stayed at home cooking. Is it reasonable to have the same expectation? Or, if you live alone....

Simply an mb meal is a grain , a veg, often a bean or bean product, some soup once a day, some sea veg often, etc. Sounds simple. Three such meals a day can be overwhelming. Then I talk to the MB's who go on vacation with an enormous reserve of food supplies and equipment...almost make me feel like not traveling or taking a holiday. Then again, when I haven't taken the proper precautions in what i will need to keep me in balance, I am always sorry. I feel fine for a few days, but after many years of macrobiotic practice, I can feel the subtle shift: more anger, lower energy, etc.

Thoughts and ruminations, thinking out loud...that's what blogs are for.