Thursday, July 28, 2005

not just food

I was listening to a woman while I was in the elevator of my building today. She was railing against all the "craziness" in this world, in particular about an accident in upstate NewYork that claimed the lives of 6 young people. I really didn't respond to her, except to nod a bit as I didn't want to really dialogue. She wasn't seeking an answer or any insight...rather, she just wanted to stew in her own unhappiness.

Yes, of course, I can feel that much of the world is out of balance. But I do not have to be a part of the imbalance. If I can maintain a center in my surroundings then I am doing my part to a degree, my part to help bring the world to center, to understanding and eventually to harmony.

It is about my daily life and my activites. I try to maintain balance in my meals ( grain, vegetable, bean, some soup). I try to chew and to get some exercise every day. The body rub opens my physical presence to the messages from the universe. These simple steps keep from stewing in the unhappiness of the world. These simple steps help me to be of service.

Monday, July 25, 2005


Hi there

I started this blog to begin talking about the daily journey that is macrobiotics. Every day is a new challenge and a day filled with new opportunties.....I'd enjoy hearing from others.

Usually, I cook for several different people a week and hope to expand the counseling practice. i think you get a larger view by counseling people.

I just wish that people would begin a healthier lifestyle before the "S" hits the is so much easier when you work with someone who has an idea of how to cook and take care of themselves...event if they do get sick, they can really help self manage their progress.