Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Summer 2010

Ok well, I just noticed that it has been since winter since I have written to you all. Where have I been!
Summer has blazed in to Santa Fe, it has been over 90 degrees for almost a week. That is rare here. The blessing is that our evenings and mornings are cool and refreshing. The new recipe is a Noodle Salad. Even tho the last thing we want to do is enter a kitchen, we have to eat in an orderly and well balanced way so we can stay healthy and strong. I don't have to tell you that maintaining our physical and emotional balance in the topsy turvy world is so hard, but is a priority. Wild swings in our eating will eventually cause us to lose our balance. We need to strive to be a part of the solutions that are needed in the coming years. More than ever I am drawn to exploring MacroBiotic programs and travel, being with people who appreciate the inner strength that comes from order and balance.

Lately I have connected with a group in Albuquerque leading a macrobiotic life. I am grateful for our burgeoning group in Albuquerque and Santa Fe.