Saturday, February 05, 2011

Deep Winter in Santa Fe

We have just entered deep winter in Santa Fe. The frigid, record shattering temperatures are causing problems all over the state. I am grateful that my home is warm and secure and that my pantry is well stocked with the staples of a good macrobiotic kitchen: grains, beans, sea veg, greens. The challenge of deep winter is to get enough sun and outdoor activity and also to try eating and cooking more than delicious soups and stews. It all moves hand in hand to help me from becoming emotionally blue. I find that as I age, it is easier for me to isolate, become rigid in my thinking and interactions and "dig in".

Thankfully as macrobiotics we know how to lighten our cooking and understand the importance that even a little daily activity offers. We just entered a # 7 year, so life should seem to be easing up and even experience some momentum. It does not feel that way right now, especially on the international front and the incredibly unusual weather patterns. This time of year does signal that Spring and that uplifting energy is just around the corner.
The recipe I will post helps to stabilize the heaviness of winter: Bok Choy and Shitake. I thank Mayumi Nishimura for her brilliant cooking.