Sunday, November 01, 2015

Beautiful fall, wonderful practice

It is a gorgeous fall day here at high altitude living. The sky is turquoise and there is a snow mantel on the mountain.  Yesterday I went for a nice hike with friends and then came home and sat in meditation. This is the wonderful practice of the title. Over the years my Zen practice has deepened and mellowed, although there are fierce moments.  Quite a few if at am to be honest. Anything we really want to do requires effort.  Almost nothing comes easily, but effort feels good, like taking a long hike in the crisp autumn air.   Meditation is called practice because we are always coming back to it.  Ever changing in nature,  yet nothing is to be gained.  It is the paradox of Zen practice, keep doing it, expecting nothing.
Life is full and satisfying. I am working with female inmates at the jail, working on radical responsibility and self acceptance. I am learning so much from the insiders and am grateful for the time to be of service. As Tsoknyi Rinpoche is about being of help, service and love.
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