Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Winter Morning in Santa Fe

Today is a snowy day, with slick roads and a chilling wind. I actually like these days as New Mexico is often very blue skied with even temperatures. As the summer sets in I actually long for what I call "weather". Spending some extra time under the comforter with a great book is a luxury.

I find that my experiences in Macrobiotics has been of immeasurable help this past month. It has been a month of personal transitions in my work and family. Sadly, both my brother and wonderful companion Bootsy passed away. I also find myself once again on the road to re-imagining my life. To work with people and help them discover their innate healing capabilities is a wonderful journey. I plan to do more teaching and counseling as the New Year unfolds.

Helping others initiates from my personal experiences. Life has not been a straight line to happiness and balance. When is it? Navigating the times when the line zig zags is my key to understanding and maintaining balance so that I can clearly vision the path before me. Here are some of things that work for me:
  • get enough sleep
  • exercise every day
  • eat 3 wholesome meals that include a grain and a vegetable
  • meditate, even for a bit
  • when I wake up, I view my day and see where fear holds me
  • when I sleep, I make a gratitude bow to all the wonderful people in my life
And I make a wonderful pot of soup. Check out this month's recipe!