Monday, December 20, 2010

I sit here on my computer awaiting this evening's full moon/eclipse/mercury retrograde event. I have been steadily feeling "crazier" and out of sync. What returns me time and again to balance is the combination of food choice, preparation, activity and other lifestyle choices.

Macrobiotics, to me, offers the concept of balance, yin/yang, inner/outer, up/down etc. Other approaches just seem, to me, to only be about the food and the nutrients in the food. While some think of Macrobiotics as narrow and rigid, I find Macrobiotics to be incredbily expansive with room for dialogue and questions.

Tonight is the cusp of the solstice, a time of deeply turning inward and listening to the small voice. Supposedly the Holiday season beckons us to parties and gatherings. I have always prefered this to be a time of small gatherings and renewals of friendships. A perfect time to share meals lovingly prepared.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Balance and Transition

As we age so many things in our lives seem to go through a more rapid change. Michio Kushi taught us that we get more yang as we age, life quickens; there is a greater urgency to accomplish our goals. I also experience change as my physical body seems to co-operate less. If I don't stretch or do yoga daily I feel some level of pain. Regardless of how balanced and nutritious my daily food, I will ache if i do not take the proper physical care of my body. Of course, if my food choices are not balanced, I hurt even more.

On a recent Macrobioitc online listserv there is a lively discussion on what creates health. The general consensus is that while food choice is critical, a balance of of physical activity and spiritual practice will create a larger sense of balance. I subscribe to this. I have always been physically active and for many years have practiced macrobiotics. I have also pursued a particular spiritual path on and off for years . In the last few months I have returned to daily spiritual practice and find that I am becoming more open, relaxed. The addition of my spiritual practice has grown the effect of food and activity.

In the last few days I have been tending to a family member with serious health issues. It is most difficult for us to help heal our families when they are unable or unwilling to change long ingrained habits. I am confronted with what I call "magical thinking". That is, one can heal and life can change without doing anything, without making one single change. We have all experienced a major health setback changing a person's world view. And some times it doesn't.
Transition is something to be accepted, rather than fought against.

I read a quote recently that all we can take care of is our corner of the world. I cannot take on family, much less the World. I can only c0-create my cornerstones of balance: food, spirit and activity.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Summer 2010

Ok well, I just noticed that it has been since winter since I have written to you all. Where have I been!
Summer has blazed in to Santa Fe, it has been over 90 degrees for almost a week. That is rare here. The blessing is that our evenings and mornings are cool and refreshing. The new recipe is a Noodle Salad. Even tho the last thing we want to do is enter a kitchen, we have to eat in an orderly and well balanced way so we can stay healthy and strong. I don't have to tell you that maintaining our physical and emotional balance in the topsy turvy world is so hard, but is a priority. Wild swings in our eating will eventually cause us to lose our balance. We need to strive to be a part of the solutions that are needed in the coming years. More than ever I am drawn to exploring MacroBiotic programs and travel, being with people who appreciate the inner strength that comes from order and balance.

Lately I have connected with a group in Albuquerque leading a macrobiotic life. I am grateful for our burgeoning group in Albuquerque and Santa Fe.